Facts about NimbleSystems

Fact is – we have been at the forefront of eDiscovery for decades

Before eDiscovery morphed in to what it is today, we were out in the forefront, spearheading and developing systems to help make eDiscovery simple and less expensive for those involved in complex litigation. We have always understood show expensive litigation gets and we are doing something about it! Kaleidoscope – NimbleSystems is disrupting the eDiscovery space with its low cost, and all-inclusive, superior technology. Keeping the money in the pockets of the clients, and helping law firms and in-side counsel effectively do their jobs.

When we say we were out in the forefront we mean 1st! In 1995, when we hired our 1st software engineer, he developed & produced the very 1st “web based” eDiscovery system! Shortly after that in 2002, our 2nd software engineer, wrote and developed the 1st eDiscovery “clustering” system! And currently we are the 1st and only eDiscovery system to use “Deep learning Neural Nets” when we said forefront we meant it! We aren’t just sitting back either, we improve on and develop new things for the system everyday and our clients get the benefits of our hard work and improvements. A good example of this is our “Handwriting Analyzer” Never heard of it before have you? Of course not, as we just finished developing it and are currently beta testing and tweaking the final product. We are the 1st and only eDiscovery system to develop & employ this feature as well. Due to this technology and how it works, we ended up the benefactors of the additional capabilities it can perform. We have been able to get it to read and identify maps, blueprints, measurements of contamination sites, cursive writing and of course standard print. Our clients as well will benefit from the additional capabilities. Lastly, but probably the most important thing about our platform is that it produces “portable models”. Why start at ground zero when you can utilize your prior work and knowledge and experience?

Now we are getting our platform the attention and new clients it truly deserves. If your firm is tired of paying per user fees, licensing fees, processing fees, and outrageous hosting fees! If you want the highest in customer service, one that will be there to help you through each and every case requiring eDiscovery and helping you get what you asked for, then pick up the phone and call for us for free live demo and let us show you the newest, fastest and smartest system available. Test drive it for yourselves and see the difference!