What is unitization? It brings boundaries, guidelines better yet an order to a document and its attachment(s). There has to be a beginning, a middle and an end, to a document or set of documents, correct? Finding what is the most logical way the documents came in, were produced or age, the meaning for which they were drafted or originated are key factors in determining where to start and where to end with the documents. As well as organize files by attachment families, conversation threads, billing and routing information, and more. We done unitization for AG’s office, The State of Pennsylvania, law firms, and corporations alike and have recommendations and letters from these clients touting our level of customer service and the pricing we charged were so good that no way could they have built internal teams to try and match our pricing and they couldn’t come close. Our processes and our technology are absolutely incredible and we welcome any inquiry as to how we can help!

Just think 1000 pages come in of a book and none of those pages are labeled with numbers or identifying marks as to where they should be chronologically. Well this part is easy the 1 page says “In the beginning” so we found the start and front page. No there is another page that says introduction. So now we have found the beginning and just found a page that say “The end”. So the middle is left for us to unitization. Finding out the story flows etc and putting into order is what we do for document management and what we do so very well.

Where do we begin, where is the end?