Document Management System

  • Securely Store and manage your’s and your clients confidential information and data.
  • Working with a proper DMS – not a storage database only
  • DMS checklist and what should come in a proper DMS 

Securely store your client’s confidential information and all your firms motions, pleadings, declarations, your entire workflow from the firm’s day to day activities. It is your intellectual property, so protect it. Every law firm needs to have the ability, at a moments notice, to access, search and retrieve any document(s) stored in the repository. Management and retrieval are a must have feature, the ability to edit or change a document or move it from one file to another inside of a repository is truly important. A DMS has to be easy to use, filter, store, manage and retrieve documents let alone to find such documents 3 years later. Then of course proper security to protect your clients and your firms personal and confidential information.

Dropbox is NOT a proper DMS

Working with a proper DMS is critical. Don’t settle for something less like a Dropbox. It is a storage platform and was made originally for the individual market & not commercial. You don’t want to be liable for a data breach on your clients confidential data, because your clients info wasn’t properly stored in the right repository.                           

DMS Review Questions:
Is there a shared pool of documents?
Can you create a private folder for yourself?
Can a document have access restricted to a specific user or groups of users?
Can a folder have access restricted to a specific user or groups of users?
Can a document be shared with other users within the system?
Can a folder be shared with other users within the system?
What documents types can reside in the system?
What documents types are full text searchable?
What coding fields are available for the documents?
Are templates supported? (such as specific letterhead etc)
Are there email folders? (that display the email to/from/subject/etc)
How can email be added to the email folders?
Is a document edit history maintained?
Can the system display differences between two versions of a document?
Can a user jump to a previous version of a document?
Can the system automatically determine document types (emails/memo/pleading/etc)
Can predictive coding be run over the DMS documents?
Can documents be bulk exported from the system?
Can documents be bulk imported to the system?
If a document is checked out, how can it be checked in (if that user is not available)?
Is the system redundant? (for disaster recovery)
What are the limits to document size?
What are the limits to the number of documents?
What are the limits to the number of users?
Are documents full text indexed on a schedule? Or real time?
Can a document be replaced with another version?
Can a new document be created by duplicating an existing document?
Can documents be moved from one folder to another?
Are all user actions logged (checking in/out, saving, opening, etc)?
Can searches be done on the same field across multiple folders?
Is there any way to find a document globally across all DMS folders in the system?
Can documents be drag-and-dropped from the desktop? From Outlook?
Can emails be imported into folders with auto-extracted email-specific fields from either Outlook or PST files?
Is there a way for uploaded documents to automatically receive specific coding?
Is there a way to apply a filter to only show certain documents within a folder?
Is there an embedded viewer for native documents (PDFs, Word, Excel, PPT, etc)?
Is there a way to bulk-print documents?
Can access be controlled as: full read/write access, read-only access, or no access.
Can security be controlled using groups?