Data gives us insight to almost everything. Everyone should be aware of the facts, that every doc now produced, is being stored somewhere. It has a digital footprint and has left it’s mark. Not only documents, but social media, like Facebook, Twitter, even Google maps can betray someone. Even when you think you have erased something like a picture on Snapchat, it is never truly gone. The way data has violently exploded onto the scene, and its continued hyper growth, indicates that there is no stoppage or slow down coming any time soon. Data, is going to continue to grow and demand more resources, attention and more storage space. In regards to eDiscovery, the amount of data being brought forth during litigation to say the least, is eye opening. Trying to find those relevant and critical documents can become an overwhelming task. When it comes to cutting through the massive amounts of data, seeking that per-verbal “needle in the haystack” don’t rely on the Junior Varsity and the old way of doing things, it’s too costly to make that mistake today, Use the Varsity! Kaleidoscope is the platform to use and we’re “the Varsity” team with the expertise, knowledge, and real world experience to assist you with any and all of your eDiscovery needs. We are here to help you through your client’s matter and your clients will love the lowest cost review/production/hosting platform on the market and the fact they will be saving $1,000’s of dollars every month.

The most client centric team  in the legal industry at your service. What do we do? 

Nimblesystems Provides Document Processing and Interpretative Services through Deep Learning Neural Nets for your documents on or off the Nimble platform.

Unitization:  Find and code page boundaries for any doc type.

Bibliographic Coding: Find, Extract, and code Names, dates; addresses; header data; sequence numbers like account numbers, site numbers, claim numbers, phone numbers, social security numbers.

File Transformation: Image conversion (pdf to tiff; tiff to pdf); OCR; audio conversion to transcript

Basic Analytics: Calculated and coded for every document; near and far duplicates; Email threads; Document Title extraction; clusters based on doc title and extracted doc type.

Social Network Graph: graphic display of sent and received communications between users via email; letter; memo; text; and social media

Coding Time Graph: Display over time of any coding field values by a variety of date formats and ranges.

Document Classification: Auto identify and code over 40 standard doc types; custom classification available.

Handwriting detection: We give you page level location of any handwriting in any location on any page.

Redaction detection: We give you page level location of any redaction in any location on any page.

Map and blue print detection: We give you page level location for maps and diagrams.

Modeling for E Discovery: Current general models applied to any document collection are; privilege and the measurement of toxic substances. Will build large seed sets and multi stage models for any particular problem.

You not only get the lowest cost platform and all it’s features, but you get us the varsity team, and all the knowledge we possess when it comes to litigation.  Not only that, when it comes to customizing your needs and requests as our current clients there is NO other eDiscovery provider that can outperform us in finding a customized solution to your needs. Small enough to keep the hands on and 1-on-1 customer service but big enough, been around long enough to slice through and man handle any issue that arises. All we ask is you test drive Aurora and you’ll see the difference!


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