Extraction Services

Recovering data from devices so that it can be reviewed by the litigation team, from storage devices such as hard drives, thumb drives, laptops, desktops, I-pad, tablets, Smart phone, servers, social media, any device you need that stores digital information. We can extract it and in most cases for half of what the competition is charging. Then we turn it into what we call load files. If we didn’t do the extraction and you still want & need to use Aurora we accept all types of load files ex; Summation, Relativity, Concordance, etc all loadable type files Aurora can ingest and process. Next, the data is loaded up on K scope’s platform and off you go for your review. NIMBLE uses a fast conversion process that links PST files; mail boxes; to natives; to TIFF images that cuts out the middleman and streamlines data assembly

Mobile data extraction
when you need it, we will have it