Review or Production

Kaleidoscope is ready….

Whether you the producing party or the requesting party, we are ready and can streamline your workflow with speed, accuracy and ease so that you can concentrate on putting together your case. If your the producing party slicing through all that data to find the relevant documents, at the same time, preserving what is privilege and protected information, and doing everything you can to insure that duplicates and unnecessary files are pulled from the production through the process of Culling and DeNisting

If your the receiving party, the biggest question is “Did we get what we asked for?” finding the relevant docs, or the proverbial “smoking gun” that can solidify your case or strengthen your position while negotiating or arguing before a jury, is hard and very time consuming. You trust that opposing counsel and their client are acting in good faith right? They are playing ball and have sent you what you requested! So you hope! Doing the review is taxing  and with short timelines can be very stressful, and as always, the producing party always sends either Too Much or Not Enough. It tends to feel like they are trying to overload you in the hopes that you miss something or that you don’t know specifics and won’t request it! They won’t just voluntarily send you the “relevant” or damaging info!!

Kaleidoscope can do it all, and will eliminate the unnecessary steps to get you to the data and documents you need and quickly! By using our A.I and the “modeling” feature, Kaleidoscope puts an end to culling for near dupes, far dupes, exact dupes etc. you can still cull if you want, but why add more work? It stops the need to do “Term Search” which is 19th century technology and outdated. we do suggest that you run a bulk term search to comply with the ESI agreement and have the reports from Kaleidoscope readily available. Cutting the work for our AI is easy, after adding samples and quickly training the AI, it will KNOW what are exact duplicates, near dupes, far dupes or non-responsive documents and leave them be and only the responsive docs you want will be brought forth for your review! Gone the need for de-dupes, deNisting and culling….

Kaleidoscope is seeing recall and precision rates in the low 90’s. Our Validation process(s) is second to none and validation is becoming a very important aspect in litigation. As opposing counsel is questioning everything these days and trying to invalidate your work. Being able to prove how you came to your results, validating them, helps with defensibly of your results. Due to Special Master Maura Grossman’s finding and results on validation, the courts have adopted her validation process as the gold standard. If your not currently validating you will be! We have three (3) different processes for validation. You can choose one or use all three processes at no additional charges.

Are you ready for a demo, test drive Nimble’s platform and see why law firms are jumping to us as their eDiscovery platform to use!