The “Portable Modeling” Feature

Changing the way attorneys practice law.

The amount of data being collected and stored digitally, called ESI (electronically stored information) is mind blowing. Reports show for example that the big Social media tycoon “Facebook” can grab data from a once a month lite user, over a 3 year period, and build a dossier that’s over a 1000 pages long,  Makes you wonder how much businesses generate daily with their workflows.

Collected from all sources, business, personal, cell phones, desktops, laptops, tablets, IPads, thumb drives, and social media

Aurora uses Continuous Active Learning, transfer learning & much more bringing you a true Hybrid in Machine Learning

Now what about Artificial Intelligence and how does it benefit me as an attorney or my law firm? Lets take a scenario, a big complex case just dropped in your lap. Before you were brought on they pulled the data from all devices associated to the case in the 1st round. This turned out to be over 500,000 docs with over 3.6 million pages of native, images and media. How Aurora benefits you is simple- run through the process by first running a :bulk Search” of all the ESI agreed upon “Terms” this ensures you stay compliant with the ESI agreement that you all agreed upon. Then take those results and click on the Modeling Icon (brain), then load up samples, these samples are used in training the AI as to what it is your looking for. The SME, attorney reviewer, or paralegal codes those samples responsive or not! Once you have improved the quality of the model to a rate you like, run it against the entire production. It is a fact and proven over and over again, that the A.I. has a better accuracy and pulling of those responsive docs. The AI is not being influenced by human emotions, desires or needs. It simply does what it was told to do and what it learns…. through the CAL (Continuous Active Learning) process. Another huge benefit to you is how we built Aurora. It was built to learn, retain and store all that information in your personal Library, so that all that can be accessed and reused over and over again in future cases. Why start at Zero each time? Aurora’s modeling feature cuts through all that data, in this scenario that’s 500,000 documents and finds the documents you are looking for with lightning speed and with a recall and precision rate usually in the low 90%….