Why NimbleSystems?

3 Simple reasons for WHY Kaleidoscope should be your platform of use. 

  1. The Team behind everything that is NimbleSystems, has been together for decades. Working together as a cohesive & collaborative unit, who seek and find ways in eDiscovery to enhance and upgrade Kaleidoscope. Finding what currently is it’s limits, and testing those limits, then developing solutions to break through those limits and fixing any issues that arise. Ultimately improving upon Kaleidoscope’s ease of use, functions and of course its smarts. Improving on and teaching the AI and bolstering it’s learning capacity. Making it faster and smarter than the rest. 
  2. The Design Is the 2nd reason on why kaleidoscope! In terms of “look and feel”  and the “ease of use”  these features are definite favorites of current clients. They love the fact they can hop on Kaleidoscope at any time, login and use it at their convenience for what ever reason. There is something to be said when you can implement software into your firm,  receive just an hour of training, and then the following week, what do you know your teaching Co-Counsel how to use Kaleidoscope. (This is an actual example of what a current client experienced) bottom line when it is appeasing to the eye and easy to navigate the thru the platform, well people fall in love 
  3. The Low Cost– The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure state, litigation must be just-speedy & inexpensive. With our low costs Kaleidoscope is having a huge impact on the eDiscovery space. Firms and attorneys simply love that we give it all to you in Kaleidoscope – The best in breed technology, and its entire suite of functionalities from graphs, analytics, exporting, image/text/coding viewers, redaction and annotation tools, bulk searching, auto foldering, just to name a few, all included in the platform and at NO additional costs. With almost all other vendors, your hit with a line item charge, for important and necessary functions like exporting! Costing more and more in fees. All these fees can and usually does 1 of 2 things a) stops the litigation because the client says they cant afford it anymore or 2) ties the attorneys hands and limiting them, it’s like being sent into battle in the Roman Coliseum and fighting with one arm. Litigators need their data and info, they can only do so much on limited info and facts. With our low cost, we remove the handcuffs and let the attorney do what needs to be done to serve their client. Kaleidoscope levels the playing field, well that is, IF YOUR using Kaleidoscope for your review and production!

The Neural Nets network goes deep and wide The “Smartest”System
for eDiscovery Period!