Who is NimbleSystems?

About us

  • We built the “System“, We maintain the “System“, & We can customize the “System” to fit your needs. Our Platform, Kaleidoscope and how it was developed with it’s functions at the center has made NimbleSystems more agile and flexible than the competition giving our clients more options and greater insight to their review. Our target is 100% satisfaction and we continue to hit the mark.
  • Our group has been together for decades working on eDiscovery problems. Daily, this team pursues a vision of an integrated DMS and LSS information system backed by machine learning to enhance all aspects of litigation workflows and their processes.
  • 2012 marked the start of a consultation with data scientists at Temple University and the University of Maryland on how to build intelligent machine learning systems tailored to eDiscovery.  Kaleidoscope features a seamless integration of term searching and continuous active learning to build, test, and validate models. The active learning uses ensemble logistic regression and Deep Learning through neural nets. The approach is used for issue analysis as well as doc type finding and auto coding.  It has been adapted for the problems of document unitization, the adequacy of discovery production, models of privilege and relevance, the coding of scientific reports for contaminated sites, as well as the interpretation of images for the detection of handwriting, spreadsheets, maps, graphs, and charts.

Native form viewer, Coding viewer, Image viewer, Text viewer, add Annotations, Redact & Highlight  all in 1 place. Drag and Drop from Outlook, Ms Office

NIMBLE is ideally positioned to lead the rapidly changing demands of  eDiscovery. Our team has the capability to change the system to meet unexpected needs and litigation specialty processing. We host at the “lowest costs” and with the “smartest system”. We welcome your inquires as to how we may help solve your eDiscovery problems.