“Smarter” eDiscovery


NIMBLESYSTEMS- is at the forefront of data mining ESI and the use of A.I. -(Artificial Intelligence) and Technology to assist attorneys and litigation teams with their review. Our Smart Search platform, “Kaleidoscope” is the fastest system to process large data sets and to find the responsive & privileged documents needed in a case.

Keeping our clients ahead of opposing counsel, knowing what’s produced by the other party, and now what you know is in the data….

Which party are you? Do you know exactly what your looking for? OR the million dollar question- did you get what you asked for, how do you know that’s all of it?

Don’t leave it to chance that you “might” stumble onto what it is you need! Nimble’s platform, “Kaleidoscope” it takes probability and turns it into an absolutely..

Whether you’re the producing party or the receiving party, you need to know and count on the fact that you have ALL the documents pertinent to your case. Kaleidoscope is scale-able, add or delete documents and data as needed, it’s accurate, the recall and precision rates are excellent (low 90’s) and the pricing, well the pricing is the lowest pricing out there, making Kaleidoscope the platform to choose for your eDiscovery needs. Don’t just take our word for it, Test drive it! The system will talk for itself and will absolutely amaze you with it’s ease of use and functionalities. Call us for a free live demo