“Smarter” eDiscovery

and Document Management.

NIMBLESYSTEMS- is at the forefront of data mining ESI and the use of A.I. -(Artificial Intelligence) and Technology to assist attorneys and litigation teams with their review. Our platform, Kaleidoscope is the fastest system to process massive sets of data to find the responsive & privileged documents needed in a case. Keeping our clients ahead of opposing counsel, by using 21st century technology – Kaleidoscope is not only the fastest system out there but it is the smartest. Our Artificial Intelligence was built and is backed by Neural Nets, the 1st and only platform that uses Neural Nets in eDiscovery, if Google and Tesla use it for their self drive cars, don’t you think it should be used in eDiscovery? By building and using models through kaleidoscope’s smart search feature, it makes the daunting task of finding and then recalling the documents you seek, simpler, faster and at a fraction of the cost of other review platforms. Taking the human fallibilities out of the equation, like emotions, hunger, tiredness and distractions. The A.I. it doesn’t get side tracked by a colleague, it doesn’t get hungry, it does what you trained it to do, it does it’s job.